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A Natural Detox

We love the convenience and detoxifying benefits of drinking water with added fruit-- and the benefits they have for our skin and health. You can absorb the nutrients of

fruit while hydrating your body! Easily cut up your favorite fruit (we love lemon, lime, & cucumber) and add it to water. Our favorite is lemon water and here is why!

Benefits of Lemon Water

Skin & Hair: Lemons are full of antioxidants and vitamin C, which plays a

role in fighting damage that is caused by free radicals. Antioxidants also help

increase the production of collagen. This makes lemons the perfect additive for

reducing blemishes and wrinkles. Lemons have also been shown to be beneficial for

strengthening hair follicles and increasing hair growth.

Energy: Drinking lemon water can not only boost energy levels without a caffeine crash, it contains a fiber known as pectin, which helps to lift your metabolism while keeping you feeling full longer.

Immune System: Vitamin C is most commonly known for its immune system benefits and for good reason. It is most importantly noted for protecting cells against oxidative damage and stimulating white blood cell production which is essential for fighting off pathogens.

Digestion & Detox: Lemon juice has a similar atomic structure to our digestive system, therefore it relieves constipation and flushes out toxins to detoxify your body. This also helps to reduce inflammation and lower blood pressure.

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